Basic on an ordinance (part 572) of building department and fire services department (structure of a building) , building should be provided a safty and complete fire facilities while the structure is over 30 meter. Emergency lighting system should be set up inside a building and used to provide emergency lighting to the emergency exits with back up batteries. The system will be activated 5 seconds after the power is cut off. Also, all parts of the system should be made of fire resisting materials.

Our company has provided various emergency lighting system, fluorescent exit sign box and back up lighting system, our products is passed the standard of fire service department's requirement. Also, all emergency lighting system can provide emergency lighting to the emergency exits with back up batteries while the power is cut off.




Twin Heads Automatic Emergency Light

  metal materials with epoxy powder coating  
  Head Lamp  
  fire Resistant ABS materials, electric wire used by UL1015  
  Rechargeable Battery  
  sealed lead-acid rechargeable battery 6V4.5Ah (full charged within 12 hours)  
  4W x 2 (excess 2m more than 2 lux)  
  Inner Features  
  fire resistant P.C.board & UL fire resistant wire  
  "RED" power indication light, "GREEN" re-charger battery light, "TEST" switch and "OFF" button  
  Discharge Duration  
  over 2 hours  
  2.6 kgs  
  Dimensions (mm)  
  280 x 290 x 80