Under the MWIS, the Buildings Department (BD) will serve statutory notices to owners of buildings aged 10 years of above (except domestic buildings not exceeding 3 storeys) once every 5 years.

Each year, the BD will select 5800 such buildings for serving the statutory notices under the MWIS.

Owners of these buildings served with statutory notices are required to appoint a Qualified Person (QP) to carry out the prescribed inspection and to appoint a Registered Contractor (RC) to carry out the prescribed repair works found necessary of all windows of the buildings under the supervision of a QP.

Modern Fire is your best choice of a registered contractor, we will send the report to Buildings Department and copies to owners within 14 days of the inspection.


Regarding of the registered contractor information, clients can click here for more details of Modern Fire in the web page of Buildings Department (Registered Minor Work Contractor No.GMWC511/2010)

The owners/ OC who do/ does not comply with a statutory notice for mandatory window inspection without any reasonable excuse may be served with a penalty notice for a fixed fine of $1,500.

Repeated offenders may be prosecuted. The BD may also arrange for the required inspection and repair works to be carried out by its consultant and contractor, and then recover the cost of inspection and repair works as well as the supervision charge from the overs/ OC, together with a surcharge of not exceeding 20% of the cost.